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When you are trying to choose a hostile vehicle mitigation service, there are many things that you need to consider. The most important aspect is the parking management of the site you have in mind. You also need to consider in applying solutions to the access to public and other vehicles at the location, because these factors can have a major impact on the zone that is being protected.

The project should be cost effective

The project should be cost effective and should not start emptying your pockets from the beginning itself. The solution for the hostile vehicle mitigation should be practical because its practicality will affect its cost and other factors mentioned above. If the solution is not a practical one it will end up incurring more cost and also create a lot of complications while the suitable product for the location is being delivered.

The right plan of action

It would be difficult to resolve issues pertaining to access also if the plan of action applied is not right. However, keep in mind that in trying to be practical and cost effective, you don’t end up making oversights. Always remember that the site is a high risk one where potential attacks could occur. This is the reason that the planning of the hostile vehicle mitigation should be all inclusive and the tests should be performed and given due consideration according to the PAS 68 guidelines. This is the reason that the task of looking for and designing the right product should not be done in a hurry. Time is definitely of the essence, but this does not mean making mistakes and putting others in danger.

Take advice from experts

The types of protection are varied and depend a lot on the location. Fortunately nowadays state of the art technology is available to mitigate threats and you have a large number of options. Remember that this is a job for experts and hence you should take advice only from such experts. You should respect their knowledge and experience and try to follow their advice to the letter.

There are many degrees of analysis that need to be performed in order to get the right hostile vehicle mitigation solutions, and hence it is important to seek the guidance of an experienced company. Whatever part of the mitigation product it is – barrier, blocker or bollard, it is important that the design of the equipment is suitable so that you can feel secure.

Importance of proper tests

Proper testing of the chosen blocker is essential for ensuring safety. Each installation should be subjected to several rigorous impact tests, before you purchase it. Proper research should be performed while analyzing the results. The breakdown of the testing should be performed by a specialized engineer and his/her opinion should help in deciding the feasibility of the different mitigation options.

The whole idea is to create a protection barrier that is cost effective, practical, and well designed. This involves a lot of research which experienced companies are capable of performing.
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