Saturday, November 16, 2013

For the house or office, it can be rather difficult to find the right form of flooring for those high traffic areas where a lot of dirt and grime will be. Carpet is one of the most popular selections, but it can be costly to install and to replace when stained or ruined. Carpet tiles is but one alternative that many individuals are starting to choose when needing a flooring material. By using tiles of floor covering, rather than one large sheet, you can save big money and hassle, while also making your flooring last longer. Here are some of the pros for using tiles of carpet versus the traditional one piece area coverage option.

Tiles are More Cost Efficient for Smaller Areas

If you simply want to carpet a small part of the floor, carpet tiles are a less expensive solution than traditional carpet. Tiles of carpet are ideal for high-traffic areas like lobbies, entry ways, vestibules, on ramps or on the floor of elevators and also between double door openings. To cut costs, you can install them and replace them yourself easily. When needing to replace a portion of the carpeting, this option would be even more economical seeing as you would not have to replace the whole area should an area become stained or damaged. Basically remove the effected tiles and put in a replacement tile as opposed to having to purchase completely new carpeting. Installation alone could cost a lot, on top of having to purchase brand new carpet!

If you do have to replace a tile, it is easy to do. Adhesive strips are utilized on the back of the tiles and on the floor area to securely fasten them into position. While the tiles are able to be firmly held in place, they may be removed when needing to replace the tiles for whatever reason.

Tiles are More Durable and Offer More Features than Traditional Carpet

Tiles currently on the market are more robust than standard carpet and have longer life spans. Tiles usually are thicker and have superior backing than carpet sheets. To further increase the durability of your tiles, you can also specify to have the ends beveled with vinyl or aluminum to prevent fraying and unraveling. Anti-stain treatments are available also where carpet tiles can be ordered that are immune to spills and stains. Other remedies can be ordered that prevent mold, mildew, odor and other germs or bacteria from infiltrating the tiles.

Styles and Maintenance

The carpet tiles, much like traditional carpeting is offered in a wide range of selections and designs. Different colors, patterns and textures are available in the tiles where you can match with any decor. You don’t really need to sacrifice style to save money and you can still reap all of the benefits from using tiles.

Very basic is the cleaning and maintenance of the carpet flooring tiles. Thanks to preventative measures and treatments, most of the time all you need to do to clean the tiles is simply wipe them down with a wash cloth or paper towels. Tiles you would place at entry ways that are more textured are perfect for removing dirt and mud from the bottom of shoes and then when needed can be removed, shaken and placed back in. A carpet solution or other cleaning agents would only be needed with significant spills or stains.

For all those high traffic areas, take a look at carpet tiles rather than conventional carpeting for a low maintenance, less expensive alternative that you can put in yourself.
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